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I am Mayank Patel (Known as mayank091193). I am in the programming field since 2011. I always wanted to become a skilled programmer. My passion to become a full-stack developer increased as I started working at my first job.

I started my career with HTML/CSS as the front-end and ASP.NET C#. Later we implemented ASP.NET MVC Architecture. Later after 2 years, I decided to move to another company to get myself challenges and learn more. In my second company, I started working on HTML/Bootstrap/AngularJS as the front-end and Python as the back-end language.

In this phase, I have learned many technologies. I got many projects to work on. The major project includes the Sales reporting system, CRM system, AWS-based data warehouse solution, and many more. Eventually, I introduced myself to Quasar-Framework and Vue.js. After getting hands-on experience with Quasar-Framework for 4 years, I got involved in creating some plugins for Quasar Framework such as QDraggableHierarchy App Extension.

Also, I do believe in Free or Open Source Software (FOSS) because I believe "Knowledge management doesn’t happen until somebody reuses something". I am currently heavily involved in creating open-source templates. You may have heard of some of my open-source resources:

Quasar CRM Admin - https://quasar-admin-crm-template.netlify.com/

Quasar Admin CRM Premium template - https://quasar-admin-crm-premium.netlify.app/#/

Quasar Scrum - https://quasar-scrum.netlify.app/

Quasar draggable tree (QDraggableTree)

Quasar QWidgets extension

CoolTab chrome extension

I believe for sustaining in the market, you need to keep yourself updated with knowledge. Solution matters technology doesn't. I worked on AWS services a lot during my last 4 years of work. I worked with an AWS-based Data Warehousing solution where I worked with AWS Serverless processing. I worked on a BI tool for which I used AWS RDS - PostgreSQL as DB service, EC2 service for server needs, and many more services.

Stay tuned for more.

Thank you very much!

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